Carstairs Farmers’ Market

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Carstairs Farmer's Market

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May 23, 2017
The Carstairs Agricultural Society is proud to provide sponsorship of the 4-H Show and Sale held in Carstairs.
2017 Marks the 75th Anniversary of the West Carstairs 4-H Club and will be celebrated with an alumni show held in conjunction with the 4-H Show & Sale.

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Multi Show & Sale: Colin Heppner |
Alumni Show: Keith Evans |

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Leader Sponsor | 2017-2018 Kids Zone 

Thank-you to the 2017 Rodeo Sponsors

Carstairs Rodeo 

Contacts: Tyler Franke & Craig Walker


Horticultural & Craft Show  August 17, 2018

The Carstairs Horticulture and Craft Show Committee would like to send a big THANK-YOU to the Carstairs Agricultural Society and to the following sponsors for there generous support of the 2017 Carstairs Horticulture and Craft Show


Alex & Betty Shaw Memorial       Betty Walroth Memorial               Carstairs Public Library
Doreen Bills                                        Helen Riddle Memorial                  Kay Clark Memorial
Lois Casebeer Memorial                 Picture Our Frames                         RW Boyd Memorial
The Only One Under the Sun       Mountain View Quilters                Walter and Marlene Steingart
Vera Reap Memorial                  Carstairs & District Historical Society

And a very special THANK YOU to our many faithful volunteers who help to make the show a success:
Anne Strilchuk                   Billy Jeges                           Carol Boyd                          Don James
Shanti James                      Norma Clark                       Carol Molnar                      Gwen Jensen
Gwen Jensen                     Val Prior                               Irene Wyllie                        Trudy Reap
Al Gil                                      Sarah Gil                         Lynne Bratland                  Marlene Steingart
Renny Walker                    Ruth Hildebrandt                 Sandi Roberts                    Jerry Roberts
Tracy Colosino                   Marie Evans                         Val                                          Lori
Lynn Lebrun                       Karen D                               Steingart boys                   Bradley Z
Carstairs / Crossfield Football Team                          Sawyer                                 Michael Hernden

The Committee would like to acknowledge the Judges:  Mirjam Rand, Nelda Lycewski, Linda Sanden, Theresa Zerr and Martha Krause.

SPECIAL THANKS to all the exhibitors who contributed to the show to make it possible.  The Junior Group was well represented and should be proud of their accomplishments.
Special prizes were awarded to:

CATEGORY                                                      JUNIOR                                                            ADULT
High Points in Show                                        Maleah Phillips                                               Tracy Colosino
High Points Flowers & Vegetables                                                                                          Tracy Colosino
High Points Flowers                                        Calista Phillips                                                 Tracy Colosino
High Points Vegetables and Fruit                   Calista Phillips                                                 Kim Fischer
High Points Handicrafts                                  Maleah Phillips                                               Marlene Steingart
High Points Baking and Preserves                  Maleah Phillips                                               Jackie Easy
High Points Hobby Crafts and Art Work         Maleah Phillips                                               Dana Wallace
High Points Photography                                Calista Phillips                                                 Tyler Gerritsen
Best in Show 5 and Under                              Avery Madore
Best Colouring Page                                        Margaret Byers


For more information contact Jerry Roberts |